Modern Seattle Endodontics

Modern Seattle Endodontics

Pacific Endodontics, Seattle, specializes in root canal treatment and is home to the best root canal dentists in the country. At our Seattle endodontic facility, you will receive top-of-the-line root canal treatment using modern technology from physicians who are all experts at treating and repairing root canals.

Pacific Endodontics root canal dentists will work with you to make the procedure seamless and comfortable. At our Seattle endodontic location, you can be rest-assured to receive the highest quality root canal treatment in the Northwest.

At our Seattle endodontic center, you will be treated by an extraordinary team of root canal dentists devoted to diagnosing, treating and relieving oral and facial pain. Pacific Endodontics, Seattle’s best root canal treatment specialists, include Dr. Ali Etemad DDS, MS; Dr. James Cheng-I Lin , DDS; and Dr. Michelle Soriano DDS, MSD.

The services offered at Pacific Endodontics Seattle is limited to endodontics-only (root canal) treatment, and is 100% referred by general doctors for their specificity and success in root canal treatment. Pacific Endodontics, Seattle, offers this as their sole service because they are all root canal treatment specialists. Not only have they completed dental school, they all have an additional two to three years of advanced training in root canal treatment.

For some patients, root canal treatment is one of the most feared dental procedures. However, at our Seattle endodontics office, you will feel confident with our modern advances in technology and anesthetics for root canal treatment, guided by exceptional physicians who share decades of experience in root canal treatment.

Modern root canal treatment is relatively painless because the pain can be controlled with a local anesthetic during the procedure and pain control medication can be used before and/or after the root canal treatment. In Seattle, endodontic root canal doctors take time to administer effective, pain-free options for your root canal treatment at Pacific Endodontics.

Our Seattle endodontic facility is a state-of-the-art root canal treatment center located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just minutes from downtown Seattle. Endodontic root canal treatment at Pacific endodontics is the key to a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.